Thursday, May 30, 2013

contoh interview dengan bule

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kiki Firda jayanegara
Muhamad zakky lazuardi
Muhamad ridwan
Neng Tesya Anjani
Ulfa Nurajizah

Class : XI IPA 4



Saturday,imlek holiday(chinese holiday)we lookingfor foreign for interview First we went to ceq ombak but we not finded And then we was to cibangban@villa ocean queen, in there many foreign people in many country And then we was meet them and interview them.

Kiki :  sir,I have homework from school,for interview foreigner,do you mind if I will intervieuw mister?
Mr.Stuart : oke
Kiki : What is your name?
Mr. Stuart : my name is Stuart
Kiki.  :What do you come from?
Mr. Stuart : Australia
N.tesya : If you love kuliner pelabuhan?
Mr.Stuart :Yes, because delicous
Ulfa : How long have you been in pelabuhanratu?
Mr.stuart : two day
Kiki : with whom  did you  come here ?
Mr.stuart :   i came here with family and my freinds
Kiki : Are you like surfing in here?
Mr.stuart : Yes
Kiki : Why?
Mr. Stuart : Because in here happy
N.tesya :whether you like the harbor ?
Mr.Stuart : yes,i like it
Kiki :Where exacly place you always playing surfing?
Mr.stuart : In here, cimaja, sawarna,
Kiki :Why you choose this place for surfing?
Mr.stuart : Because fun, wonderfull, best
Kiki : What you think,which better places for playing surfing?
Mr.stuart : In here, bali, australia,
Kiki :What your planning come here for holiday or special for surfing?
Mr.stuart : Oh, just for weekend
M.ridwan :do you ever play surfing in hawaii
Mr.stuart : not yet
M.zaky : do you ever play surfing
wretched moment
M.stuart : ever, when there are big waves
Kiki :Are you know about champion leageu? Champion league?
Mr.stuart :  Yes I know
Kiki : What your favorit team in europe? Favoriit??
Mr.stuart : Manchester city..
Kiki :Why?
Mr. Stuart : Because from in england
Kiki : Which kind liga champion you will choose? Bayern munchen? Or dortmund?
Mr.stuart : Munchen
Kiki What food do you like?
Mr.stuart : Like sea food, fish and lobster, vegetables, milk
Kiki : Cow milk? Or fish milk?
Mr.stuart : Cow milk
kiki :  may we  take picture with you ?
Mr.stuart : oke
Kiki : Thank you so much for your time sir,n I'm sorry if my language not polite,this because I'm still learn English sir



tanri alim on May 31, 2013 at 6:19 PM said...

nice post...
btw bulenya endut amat yak :p

ulfa nur'ajizah on June 1, 2013 at 3:17 AM said...

hehehehehe >>>>>
kan bule yaaa suka makan meren :D
maksihnya udah mampir ke blog aku :)

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